Monday, July 22, 2013

Down 5 lbs!

My week has gone by pretty fast and I'm happy to report, really well. It's honestly true, once you change your eating habits for awhile you stop craving "bad" foods. I haven't had any cravings for candy or fast food whatsoever. As far as how I'm feeling physically, I feel amazing. 100x better than before. I never realized how tired, bloated, and sluggish my meal choices used to make me feel. Now that I've been eating fresh I have so much more energy! 

For those of you who have asked what I've been doing, it's pretty simple. I cut out all: Fast Food, Processed Food, Soda, & the majority of sweets. I've only been drinking water with the exception of Green Tea, Herbalife Aloe, & Herbalife Tea. (Oh yeah, and Starbucks. I've already had my balls busted about my Starbucks. I'm sorry avid health freaks, I do care about health and fitness, but, I'm not giving up my coffee!) However, there are a tons of healthier alternatives. Such as, low fat syrup, almond milk, nonfat milk, etc. 

I love going out to eat but that's another thing that I've eliminated for the time being. Once I'm down to my goal weight I will go out once and awhile but, for now I think the best way to lose weight is to cook my own meals. When you go out to dinner, a lot of times you'll think you're making a healthy choice but, there's really no way to know exactly what's in your food unless you're making it. For example: salt, butter, sugar, etc. I limit my amount of carbs but I don't cut them out completely. 

I don't do everything "by the book" by all means. I'm just taking it step by step and learning as I go. I've been trying a lot of different recipes which has been fun and kept it interesting. I think the reason dieting is so hard for most people is because they think they can only eat salad. Definitely not the case. Here are a few examples of what I've been eating over the last week:

Veggie Omlete: 1/3 Cup Egg Beaters, Mushrooms, Chopped Zucchini, Lowfat Cheese, Fresh Spinach, & Avocado. 

Whole Wheat Blueberry Protein Pancakes, Fruit, & Agave. 

Fresh Spinach & Zucchini Egg White Omlete. 

Strawberries, Kiwi, & Cottage Cheese. 

I do have a crazy sweet tooth. I can usually satisfy it with fruit. One trick I've learned is to bake a banana and then sprinkle it with cinnamon; Super Good! But sometimes, you're just in the mood for chocolate. If you have to eat chocolate: MAKE IT DARK! Here are a few desserts I've made that satisfied my sweet tooth and made me FEEL like I was being naughty. Haha!

Protein Brownies. 

In addition to the change in my eating habits I've continued to keep active. My daily workout routine is 45 mins- 1 hr 1/2 Cardio. Including leg and core exercises. I have weights and a bench in my garage. I work on arms and legs, thighs, butt. What's usually most important to us ladies. ;) Lunges, Box Jumps, & Squats. But more on that later! First week: 5 lbs down!


  1. Good for you girl!!! The first 2 weeks are the hardest but after that you're creating a habit and routine that you can stick too!! You should also try the Southwest style egg beaters, they are delish!! Thanks for the motivation to start eating healthy again! ;)

  2. All these meals look amazing! I totally agree that when you cut out bad foods you stop craving them - eventually healthy food tastes so much better!

  3. Wow You always look Gorg I got to steal this regimen

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