Friday, May 3, 2013

San Diego Sunshine Style Posh Party!

Us girls have a reputation for being shop-a-holic's and maybe there is some truth to that. I'm not siding with the guys here but, if you think about it, we have a reason for shopping regardless of the situation. Special occasion, we have to go shopping. Event, we have to go shopping. Stain our favorite jeans, we have to go shopping. Vacation, we have to go shopping. Bad day? You better believe we're going shopping! So, it's pretty clear, we like to shop. And most of us, like to get a good deal. Now, what happens once our closet is overflowing with stuff that's too nice to get rid of but, let's be honest, we'll probably never wear again? I came to this crossroads about five months ago where, I'm not kidding, you could not fit one more hanger in my closet. Or box of shoes, for that matter. It was getting to be hazardous territory and of course, I was still shopping!

I was told about an APP Poshmark from one of my favorite blogger's and lovely friend Naty Michele of A Love Affair With Fashion. She told me how easy it was to use and how she started selling her stuff right away! So, I downloaded it and found it was extremely easy to use. Just snap a photo of the item you would like to sell, write a quick description, price it, and you're good to go. I was obsessed instantly. It has been an amazing tool for me. I have made so much space in my closet and I'm probably one of the biggest Poshmark promoters and enthusiasts out there. I got just about every one of my friends to use it also. You can shop on the app or online. I use the app on my iPad, as well. 

I hosted my first Posh Party a few months back and had a blast. It is amazing the great finds I have come across. You can find designer items brand new, or in virtually perfect condition, for great prices. If you haven't joined Poshmark yet, YOU BETTER! Come shop my closet and use my invitation code HGDLY to earn a $5 credit when you sign up! Here's a quick look at just a few of the many items I have listed for sale right now in my poshmark closet. Link is on the top of my blog or you can search me: Bossy Jocey!

I'm so excited to be hosting my second Posh Party right here in my city, San Diego! The "Sunshine Style" San Diego Posh Party! I would love to see you all there and meet you! Come posh it up with me my other co-hosts Paulina of lilbitsofchicVanessa Balli of OOTD, and Kelly of Messy Dirty Hair this Weds. May 8th at the W! If you're not here in San Diego, join me (virtually) to shop our TOP PICK'S from fellow fashionista's Poshmark closets! 

Don't forget to shop my closet! 

Leave your username's below so I can find you guys! xoxo


  1. I am so in love with this post, and so in love with YOU! You hit the nail on the head with the shopping obsessed part, too lol. :-) CAN'T wait to finally meet you and give you the biggest hug!

    Posh Party time!!


  2. Can't wait to meet you in person! Thanks for continuing to spread the Poshmark love!