Monday, December 10, 2012

December In La Jolla

    Fashion is in everything. And you can find inspiration in many things. Some of the things that inspire me most are in nature and human nature, in our own emotions. What I mean by that is, we often dress according to our moods. But what I've found is there is power in dressing yourself by the way you want to feel. Whether that's successful, strong, edgy, romantic, preppy, or powerful. 

    We can use Fashion to express ourselves or we can also use fashion to create ourselves. By human nature, we're curious and we're also judgmental. We're constantly accessing situations and the people around us. Our first idea of someone is based solely on appearance. So, create yourself. Be who you want to be. Be the person you want people to see you as. Why dress safe or boring when we can give people something to talk about?

     I like to be a plethora of contradictions. I wouldn't say I have one particular style. I like to surprise myself and others. I like to wear things that make a statement. By just looking at someone we automatically make a million assumptions on how they are, who they are, and what kind of life they lead. We're always trying to figure people out. I prefer to keep people guessing. 

    A statement necklace is a great staple piece. You can use it to dress up so many different ensembles. It is a great piece to wear with a solid or plain top, as well as, any top with a simple or high neckline. This necklace is also really great for the Holidays.

    Fur vests are a must have for the Holiday Season. Different textures are a great way to make your outfit more interesting and pleasing to the eye. It's the perfect time to throw a long fur vest or jacket over a dress for a Holiday party or wear one casually with jeans and a long sleeve blouse. 

Top: Cotton On
Fur Vest: Cotton On
Skirt: Forever21
Pumps: Steve Madden
Accessories: Forever21

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Booties Under $150

Booties Under $150

Zara heel boots

Zara boots

Taupe suede booties

Aldo boots
$145 -

     Hello loves! Happy December! I cannot believe it's December 1st today! This year has gone by so fast! Winter has officially begun and the Holidays are near, however, we still have time to break out our booties and add a few more to our closets! Booties are a fun and easy way to dress up an ensemble and of course keep us warm and cozy these colder months. Being that I live in San Diego, I don't get many chances to dress warm, so I take every opportunity I get!

    These are few of my top choices for booties this season that are under $150. I chose a few current trends which include: leopard print, fringe, cap-toe, studded, and suede booties. All of these boots are most definitely on my wish list. I did recently get a pair of suede studded booties as well and I'm in love with them!

Scarf: Nordstrom
Vest: Nordstrom
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Zara
Booties: Zara

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